Should we make vegan ice cream? 

This is a question our Antonelli Business Relationship Managers and Technical team are often asked as we visit parlours and gelaterias around the UK.  Our answer is that if one person is asking for vegan ice cream or gelato then there are probably another hundred thinking about it, so why not give it a try?  Some of our customers are a little nervous about how to go about producing a vegan base, but we have a new vegan base recipe using raw materials, which once you get to know, you will find as easy as mixing your standard base. Will it be expensive to make vegan ice cream or gelato?

There seems to be a bit of myth across the market that making ice cream or gelato for special dietary requirements is both time consuming and costly.  Let us just dispel that misconception as making vegan ice cream is actually very simple and really not as costly as you might expect, especially as you can probably utilise many of the ingredients you already stock.

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Another misunderstanding that we regularly encounter, amongst ice cream makers considering branching out into vegan ice cream production, is that the flavour options for vegan ice cream are very restricted.  Once again we can confirm that we have products to make well over a hundred flavours that are appropriate for vegan recipes.  Many of the ingredients and flavours you are already using in making standard ice cream and gelato are in fact suitable for the vegan diet.  This means you don’t necessarily have to buy in extra flavours, pastes or ripples as you can simply use those you already have. How do I find out how to make vegan ice cream or gelato?

At Antonelli we pride ourselves in supporting our customers as you develop your business and as your ideas and ambitions grow.  To that end we have the resources to advise you and your ice cream making team about new flavours, recipes and special dietary options.  One of the best ways to learn about how to make something new is to book onto one of our special ice cream training courses at our purpose built training facility in Manchester.  You can read more about the content of our Vegan Variety course on the Specialist Courses page.  If you are interested in such a course we can look at arranging an extra date this year or we can discuss one to one training either at the Antonelli Gelato Academy or at your own parlour or gelateria.  To find out more simply drop us an email or pick up the phone and call us on 0161 789 4485.

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