Safe Ice Cream Training Resumes Ice cream training course update June 2020

Hello to all our customers and those interested in attending our ice cream training courses.  It may feel like a long time since we opened the doors of our Gelato Academy back at the end of February for our Season Launch. Some of you have been to the Antonelli Gelato Academy since then for various ice cream training courses or demonstrations, but since the end of March our ice cream making machines have been eerily silent. However we have been working behind the scenes to create a safe ice cream training environment.

We have all had our own experiences of lockdown and the impact that Covid 19 has had on our personal lives as well as our business and work situations.  It has been interesting to see the number of enquiries from potential new ice cream makers as a result of such changes. Unfortunately we are still unable to offer our usual courses at this time due to the Government guidelines on social distancing.  However if you are interested in a course please do still register your interest for future dates.  At this stage we are unable to predict when our standard course schedule will recommence, but we do have some news about our safe ice cream training One 2 One sessions…

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The good news is that we are recommencing our One 2 One ice cream training sessions from week commencing 15th June.  However, there will be strict health and safety regulations to allow these to take place safely.  We take our responsibility for our customers and employees health and safety very seriously.  Therefore we will have to limit each of these sessions to a maximum of 2 people from your business, per day. What will we do to ensure your safety?

Our team will strictly carry out the following activities prior to visitors entering the Antonelli Gelato Academy:

  1. We will deep clean the facility focusing on areas likely to be touched by visitors
  2. Toilets will be sanitised
  3. We have marked out an ‘Academy Safe Zone’ where only visitors and the Technical Manager/Director will enter
  4. Ensure face masks are provided for visitors to wear
  5. The Antonelli Technical team will also wear face masks
  6. Fridge and microwave facilities will be clean and available for your use for lunch as we are unable to provide this currently in line with the Government guidelines

Equally we require visitors to also follow a strict set of guidelines:

  1. Ensure you are clean and wear freshly washed clothes
  2. You will be given a face mask to wear on arrival
  3. Having put on your face mask, sanitise your hands and sign in
  4. Maintain 2 meters apart even when greeted by the Technical Manager
  5. On entry to the Gelato Academy wash your hands for 20 seconds and dry with the blue hand roll then dispose in the pedal bin provided
  6. Visitors will only have access to the safe zone and the toilets, please do not attempt to enter other areas of the building
  7. Please provide your own lunch, which can be stored in our fridge.  There is a Tesco just round the corner if you prefer to buy something on the day, but remember to follow the guidelines above re hand washing when re-entering the building.

See also our videos below which provide a virtual insight into our safety precautions.

buy stromectol australia How do I book a One 2 One safe ice cream training session?

The benefit of the One 2 One safe ice cream training session is that it can be tailored to your requirements and answer your specific questions.  You are also welcome to bring your own milk or other key ingredients particular to your recipes, please discuss this with us prior to your visit.

For existing customers please contact your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager to discuss your One 2 One session requirements and dates.  If you do not know your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager for your area or you are new to the industry please contact us either by completing the online form, sending us an email directly or phoning us on 0161 789 8808.

Prices for these tailored courses will be provided on application according to each individual requirement.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Antonelli Gelato Academy to discuss your ice cream or gelato making challenges and help create some delicious ice cream recipes for your business.  Until then take care and stay safe.


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