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Introducing Gelato Jonny

São João da Talha  

Nettuno ‘Gelato Jonny’ is the affectionate term given to Jonnathan Ireland, Antonelli’s National Technical Manager.  Starting in a customer facing role with Antonelli, Jonny’s passion for the industry and gelato making quickly came to the fore. He was often found experimenting with new flavour combinations and coming up with solutions to help his customer base in the North of England. His natural charisma means he loves to work with people and he commands the floor with his training leadership.

http://ipswichekiden.co.uk/entry/ In his technical role, Jonny is well respected in the industry by start ups and experienced gelato makers alike. Working alongside Mark Antonelli the Antonelli Gelato Academy is the go to business in the UK for ice cream/gelato training.

Jonny spends much of his time with customers advising on balancing ingredients and enabling ice cream and gelato makers across the nation to achieve the flavours and textures they desire.  Whether it is combining modern processes with traditional or cultural recipes, developing a new base with local milk or simply reviewing and refining existing favourites, Gelato Jonny relishes the challenge.  Finding solutions to customer’s questions in the art of gelato creation is what makes Jonny tick.  His reputation in the industry is derived from his innovative ideas, passion and enthusiasm.  To read his regular contribution to the *ICA’s Ice Cream Magazine see our blog pages.

Jonny has worked tirelessly during lockdown to develop new products in conjunction with our new Italian partners Comprital and Martini.  He has continued to advise customers either virtually or  as One 2 One sessions with strict sanitisation and added regulation in the Antonelli Gelato Academy.

In the meantime here are what some of our customers have said about Gelato Jonny after attending a training session with him…

“Jonny was very informative, could answer every question we threw at him. Excellent day.”

“Jonny is a great and very charming trainer! “

“Jonny was a great teacher. Using our own farm raw milk he developed a base to use and it is phenomenal! “

“Brilliant leader, very exciting, very informative, loved every second, so interesting.”

To experience training with Gelato Jonny first hand take a look at our courses** or email training@antonelli.co.uk.

*To find out more about the ICA (Ice Cream Alliance) and how you can become a member see their website.
**NB not all courses are running during lockdown and Government restrictions.
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