Ice cream training is back – online So You Want to Make Gelato – Ice Cream Training Online 

We are pleased to announce, that due to demand we have introduced our ‘So You Want to Make Gelato’ ice cream training course online.  Our first session will be held on Monday 7th December.

Due to the continued Covid 19 restrictions, we have been unable to offer any of our ice cream training sessions.  This looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, so we will be unable to offer either group courses or one to one sessions. However, to provide some support and insight into joining the ice cream industry we will now be offering an online version of our most popular course So you want to make Gelato.

The terms of this course will be that it will run on the first Monday of each month between the hours of 9am till 1pm. The cost of this course will be £50+VAT.

buy Pregabalin overnight delivery Subjects covered on this course will be…

  1. can you buy clomid over the counter in canada The ever changing trends of the Ice Cream Industry-
  2. The main qualities of Artisan Ice Cream/ Gelato
  3. The process of production
  4. The ingredients of Gelato
  5. Sorbets and chocolate
  6. Where and how to set up
  7. Machinery needs
  8. How much does it cost
  9. Basic Ice Cream recipe building

This is broadly the same ice cream training course as we usually hold monthly in the Antonelli Gelato Academy. However, we will not actually be making any ice cream or providing a demonstration.  We will teach you how to build a basic base recipe from scratch and the method to writing a recipe.

The main objective of this introductory ice cream training course is to provide the basic information of what is required to join the Ice Cream industry and what costs it may incur.

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