Ice Cream Training Class: “Absolutely Amazing!”

The Antonelli ice cream training Masterclass was “absolutely amazing” said one of our customers about our recent advanced ice cream training course.  The Masterclass was held at the purpose designed Antonelli Gelato Academy in Manchester.  It is always pleasing to hear good reviews about your services, particularly when it comes from people who have been making ice cream for some time already.

This was the fourth Masterclass course run by the Antonelli team and it is fair to say it ran like clockwork.  Jonny Ireland – our National Technical Manager ran the course alongside visiting chef Momo Baba.  This is what another experienced ice cream maker had to say about this duo;

Even though I’ve been in the industry for far too long I still managed to learn an awful lot. Jonny and Momo had me in stitches one minute and totally baffled the next when we were practicing the Dark Arts (i.e. recipe balancing). It is a credit to them that I now am able to balance a recipe myself rather than e-mail it out for the experts to do as I used to”.

What is the Antonelli Masterclass Ice Cream Training Course?

Our Masterclass is a four day course for advanced ice cream and gelato makers.  This year we covered raw materials, recipe building, scooping and serving, chocolate gelato production and finished with alcohol and sorbets.  Jonny Ireland gives us an insight into the week;

Having run this course a few times now, we were able to build on the positives and tweak other elements of the course to ensure we provided the right level of training to suit our attendees.  We moved out of the board room and held all the sessions in the Antonelli Gelato Academy, which provided an environment facilitating interaction.  The group of ice cream makers were a mix from across the UK with businesses represented from Cumbria, Scotland, London, South West, Wales and across the North of England.

How much is a scoop of ice cream?

Jonny particularly mentioned the scooping competition which was held as part of the serving section on the agenda:

We invited each person to scoop a portion of ice cream and then weighed it.  Noting down the weight of each scoop we also added the price they each charge per scoop in their businesses.  It was fascinating to see the range variation.  For example I recall one scoop weighing in a 69g which would be charged at £2.50 and another weighing in a 139g with a charge of £2.30.  Obviously the region affects pricing and scoop expectation considerably, depending on whether the business is situated in a city, rural or seaside location and also how much competition there is in the locality. I think this was quite an eye opening exercise for all those involved – trainers and trainees alike.

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Feedback on our Masterclass Ice Cream Training Course

In the meantime you might like to hear some other feedback from this years Masterclass ice cream training course…

“A big thank you to you all as a team for your professionalism, inspiration and hospitality…. I would recommend the course to anyone.” Helen, Anglesey

I really enjoyed the mixture of technical information and general discussion during my visit to Irlam. Having made ice cream for so many years I felt it was high time I had a bit of a refresher and to perhaps pick up some new ideas. Some experimentation is already in the pipeline here!  Marion, Scotland

Just a quick note to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s Masterclass. Tony, Clwyd

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