Ice Cream Training Masterclass a resounding success

The Antonelli Gelato Academy opened its doors of ice cream training to a group of customers from across the UK to learn more about the finer details of gelato and ice cream making.  Many of our customers are very experienced themselves in ice cream and/or gelato making, but it is fair to say that  everyone who attended picked up something they didn’t know before or hadn’t previously considered.  The week long Masterclass involved a number of our technical personnel, from our National Technical Manager – Jonnathan Ireland to joint MD and Technical Director Mark Antonelli.  The highlight for many was the special guest and gelato extraordinaire – Massimo Vasini – who flew in from MEC3 in Italy to bring his vast knowledge and interesting anecdotes to the Masterclass training.  Some of our guests were in awe of Massimo and his level of expertise and even referred to him as ‘the Jedi of ice cream’.

What we covered on the Masterclass course

The reason for attending the Antonelli Gelato Academy Masterclass is to enhance knowledge in key areas of ice cream/gelato making, which ultimately strengthens your business.

Each day we focused on a different aspect of gelato creation.

Day 1: The functionality of Emulsifiers and Stabilisers, covering the science and the practicalities of use, starting with how to select bases and the differences between them.

On Day 2 we considered the impact of sugars and how to achieve a balance of sweetness and texture.

Day 3 was all about sorbets and the use of alcoholic recipes with

Day 4 focusing on chocolate, finishing up on

Day 5 with cabinet management and the importance of efficient housekeeping. 

On some days we delved into the depths of the science behind gelato making which helps artisan makers understand why sometimes certain combinations of ingredients don’t always work as well as you might expect.  The key to consistently great gelato creation is understanding which elements you can change to create new ice-cream flavours without losing the required texture and taste.  Oh and yes we did get to taste the gelato that was made each day too!

Let’s hear what our customers said about our Ice cream training Masterclass course…

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the courtesy shown to our staff member, Lee, on your training course held last week. He came back full of ideas, knowledge and praise for the  way the course was presented and how well the group were treated by all your staff. For someone just starting out in the ice cream/gelato business it was a valuable lesson about how the industry works and the people involved in it.”  David, North Yorkshire

“Please give my thanks to everyone who was involved with the course. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found it very useful (I learnt loads).”  Nicola, East Yorkshire

“Just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone at Antonelli brothers, for a great week and for your warmth, generosity and genuine hospitality. It was good to meet other people in the trade and to learn new skills and techniques which I am eager to put into practise. I look forward to forthcoming events and keeping up a good relationship with the Antonelli team. PS……………Its confirmed…people are DEFINITELY friendlier up North!!”  Tony, London

“In regard to the Masterclass feedback, I thoroughly enjoyed the week and I felt like I learned something as I’ve never done anything like that before (just read recipe sheets).”  George, Derbyshire

If you are interested in attending our Masterclass this year see our Specialist Courses for details of dates alternatively you can Contact Us or phone us on 0161 789 8808.

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