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Firstly Happy New Year to you all and I hope on behalf of all here at Antonelli that you had a good Christmas.

This month I thought we would look at the pros and cons of offering your ice cream or gelato for customers to take home or even delivering it direct yourself.  It seems that there is a growing market for consuming ice cream or gelato at home, so offering your ice cream to take home or even providing delivery might be another way of increasing your sales.  However it is important to be aware of the implications of this and what you need to do in order to be successful.  During the winter months people generally prefer to stay at home especially when the weather is bad, but they also like to draw the curtains and snuggle up on the sofa with … yes ice cream – what better way to spend a winters evening than in front of the TV with your favourite flavour?

neurontin uk Advantages of offering your ice cream in take home packs and/or home delivery

So first of all let’s look at the advantages of sending your ice cream home to customers. There are a number of potential benefits to your business:

  • Bringing the parlour to customer’s homes is especially good when the weather is bad
  • Encourages customers to always associate your brand with ice cream wherever they are
  • Keep up brand awareness especially out of season
  • Smooth out demand increasing sales at traditionally low times, as eating ice cream at home is not dependent on the weather
  • Increase brand loyalty

Kunyang What could possibly go wrong?

Yes there are some pitfalls that you can easily fall into which if not managed carefully could damage your brand and customer loyalty for the medium to long term:

  • Poor quality
  • Ice cream melts in transit
  • If supplying waffles as well they could go cold
  • Wrong orders or mistakes with order
  • Long waiting times
  • Reliance on 3rd party delivery can lead to loss of responsibility of scheduling

All of the above are risks to your brand and your business so how can they be avoided?

Keeping the ice cream at the right temperature

First let’s look at the product itself. Ice cream or gelato which is kept in your ice cream cabinet is going to keep differently to that which is sent home in a take home pack.  If you are making specifically for the take home market then use dry sugars which will absorb any excess moisture, such as dry glucose or maltodextrin (contact us for more details).  When orders contain a mix of cold and warm products ensure that you package them separately in insulated containers reducing the likelihood that the ice cream will cool the waffles or that the waffles will melt the ice cream.  I would also recommend putting the ice cream in the blast freezer whilst the order is waiting to be collected or waiting to go out for delivery, to ensure a longer time frozen.

The logistics of ice cream to take home

You might think that your business is about ice cream, but as soon as you talk about offering your ice cream to take home, then logistics will come into play as well.  It is really important to plan how you are going to manage this before you start offering the service, which may sound obvious.  Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • How will customers order?
      • at the counter
      • online
      • over the phone
  • If ordering online – how will the order come to you?
      • by email
      • notification on your phone
      • text
  • Do you have the staff to man the phone/order system?
  • How often will you check for orders?
  • How will you manage home delivery/collection orders at peak times when you have a queue out of the door?
  • Are you offering delivery?
    • How will you manage this?
    • Will you use a third party such as Deliveroo, Just Eat etc and if so can you trust them?
    • Can you manage expectations on delivery time?
    • What geographical radius will you include in your delivery range?
  • What happens if orders are wrong?
    • How will you confirm orders?
    • Will you provide a delivery note with the order?
  • How will customers pay for their take home ice cream/order?
    • Online
    • Over the phone using debit or credit card
    • Cash on delivery
    • Pay over the counter

So should we offer our ice cream to take home?

I don’t want to put anyone off the idea of offering ice cream to take home or your own delivery service, but it is important to be honest about the facts and implications to your business.  The last thing you want to do is damage the brand and reputation you have spent years building up in your local market.  So whilst there are potential negatives to take home, there are also a lot of positives and if you don’t do it someone else probably will!

See you next time for the latest scoop.


Gelato Jonny

Also ask us about our compostable take home packs.

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