Ice cream training & gelato expertise from MEC3

As you will already be aware, Antonelli is the sole UK distributor for Italian based company – MEC3 – the world’s leading flavour house.  As part of our arrangement with MEC3, Antonelli has support from the MEC3 experts. By supplying ice cream ingredients from MEC3, Antonelli aspires to support our customers in making the best ice cream and gelato.  To ensure we are up to date with the latest products and techniques we welcomed the MEC3 product specialist. Momo came to work with us for a week at our purpose built ice cream training facility –  the Antonelli Gelato Academy.

Getting to know the UK ice cream market

As Momo is new to the British market we were able to exchange information both ways.  Obviously the UK market is somewhat different to other markets in Europe, partly due to the different climate but also due to our culture and traditions.  Momo found it very enlightening to meet some of our customers from around England.  This enabled him to hear about the challenges and pleasures of running an ice cream business in the UK.  Whilst Momo was with us we held an ice cream/gelato workshop for a group of relatively new businesses local to us. This  helped these new start up businesses to perfect their skills and iron out any teething problems they may have been experiencing in their new roles.

“I sent two staff members on the course recently and they have come back with new skills and knowledge. They really took to Momo and we hope to attend more courses in the future.”

Jonnathan Ireland, the Antonelli National Technical Manager, enjoyed spending time with MEC3 product specialist – Momo.  He picked up some extra tips about the finer skills of gelato presentation;

“It is always very satisfying to provide solutions to customers. Helping them refine the products they are making and ultimately putting a smile on their faces and those of their customers is what my job is all about.  One of the best parts of my role is the interaction with lots of different people all over the UK – oh and I love ice cream!”

Looking for more information about ice cream training?

If you are interested in attending an ice cream training course or demonstration then take a look at the different gelato training courses we have scheduled.  However if you are looking for something specific you may need a One 2 One session where Jonny can work with you. He can either work on site at your gelateria or ice cream parlour, or you can visit the Antonelli Gelato Academy and see Jonny there.

For further information about which ice cream training course is appropriate for you either contact us, email us or give us a call on 0161 789 8808.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

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