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Back in January we discussed the pros and cons of take home ice cream and delivery looking at whether you should or shouldn’t offer it.  Little did I know at the time of writing how important this would become in the coming months. Who could have predicted how drastically everything has changed in such a short time, not just for our beloved ice cream industry but for the whole nation, socially and economically.  So I felt it seemed relevant to revisit the ‘Take Home’ and ‘Home Delivery’ aspect of our industry a second time.  We are now entering what would traditionally be the close of the summer season as school holidays end, yet it feels like we have barely started! How can we extend the season and stabilise cashflow?

ethereally Take Home Ice Cream 2

This is where ‘Take Home Ice Cream 2’ comes into play.  We have already examined the logistics as well as the pros and cons of take home and home delivery ice cream (if you missed that you can catch up here.  You will see that my closing comment was that there are negatives and positives to take home ice cream depending on your processes and execution, but if you don’t do it someone else probably will.  The chances are that as a result of lockdown many more of you have indeed introduced take home ice cream/delivery options although it may not have been part of your plan at the start of the year.

In this article I am going to assume that you are doing take home or home delivery, which means our focus now is on the changes that might be required to your recipes.  After all we don’t want consumers to be disappointed with their at home ice cream experience do we?

how to buy isotretinoin in uk Storing ice cream at home

Firstly lets examine an important fact.  Home freezers are usually set colder than -18 degrees and most probably are more like -20 to -22 degrees.  However your cabinet in your shop, parlour or gelateria will be more like -14 to -16 degrees.  So how does that impact your artisan ice cream or gelato?  Most ice cream recipes made for cabinets are designed to scoop at that slightly higher temperature mentioned above.  That means if you keep the same recipe but store it colder it will be a lot harder to scoop.  You know I like to talk about ‘scoopability’- I mentioned it previously in relation to air content and blast freezing.  I think you will agree that it is frustrating when you take a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and it is rock hard.  Who wants to wait ten minutes before they can push a spoon or scoop into their ice cream!? How do I make my ice cream ‘scoopable’ from a home freezer?

To ensure your delicious artisan gelato or ice cream stays tasting delicious right up to when the consumer takes it out of their home freezer, we need to ensure we alter the recipe slightly.  The main factor is to adjust the sugar content, which will help the ice cream to be softer and ‘yummier’ on the palate too.  If you are not sure how to do that drop me a line and I can advise as appropriate.

To ripple or not to ripple?

Many of us love a ripple with the well known American brands setting a benchmark by adding many ripples and inclusions to their home ice cream and tubs.  However if it is not done well, it could damage the reputation of your brand. Here are some points to consider in relation to rippling for the home ice cream market.

  • Ensure the ripple is consistent throughout the tub or box  check the ripple hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the tub or is very intense in one area with none in one end or corner etc.
  • Clear boxes – will show any gaps, which might be an issue for manual filling, and also if the ripple is not consistent as described above
  • Time consuming – rippling adds time to making ice cream and boxing it up

Solutions for successful take home ice cream flavours

My first solution if you are producing ice cream for take home consumption for the first time is to start simple.  Keep to single smooth flavours without a ripple to begin with, such as to your standard cabinet classics – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and so on.

If you are confident with your altered recipe and keen to include a ripple or inclusions as it fits with your brand expectations, then here are three options for your consideration.

  • You could add your ripple into the batch freezer just before extraction.  Then extract straight into the container.  This process is fast but can thin the ripple so you may end up using more than usual
  • Another way is to make a normal pan as if for the cabinet then use a spatula to transfer to the container.  This maybe more time consuming but the product should be a consistent mix.
  • Alternatively you could use the method favoured by the American market, where you extract the gelato sooner when it is softer and warmer so it is easier to ripple and pot. However, this method will cost you some overrun/volume as the air has not been fully churned into the mix.

Each of these have their own pros and cons so I will leave it for you to decide what is best for your market, product and brand depending on demand, your time available, costs and staffing. However if you would like some advice on your particular recipes and processes, as ever you know where to find me.


One last thing about take home ice cream before I sign off.  Do think about your packaging.  Many packaging companies promote themselves in this magazine.  Consider where possible how you can use compostable packaging or reusable boxes taking responsibility for the environment as well as maintaining your sales.

Do also encourage your customers to share their images of your ice cream on social media.  You might also want to consider what else they might want to buy from you for that complete ‘parlour at home’ experience, cones, toppings, printed wafers.  Maybe you will put together an ice cream at home kit?  I look forward to hearing your ideas and will look out on social media for your images.

So in summary my recommendation is for you to definitely consider take home or home delivery boxes for your ice cream or gelato.  This will enable you to extend your season and keep your brand in consumers minds all the way through the year.  We can’t get those lost months of lockdown back, but take home will help to keep your cashflow going making you less reliant on the high summer sales to keep your business afloat during the winter.   Good luck and enjoy creating your home flavours.

See you next time for the latest scoop.


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