Gelato Jonny 21 – Ready, Steady, Go

You might be thinking of school sports day or maybe the Olympics with this title, both of which are things we have missed in the last year.  However I am not talking about running or racing of any kind.  This month I am looking at quick fixes and smart solutions to ensure all your gelato pans are full and you are gelato ready…

Lofthouse Ready for what?

I think we all want to be ready for when restrictions on trading are reduced.  At the time of writing it is hoped that parlours and gelaterias can once again open for outdoor consumption later this month.  We would all agree I am sure that everyone is ready for a treat and it is probably fair to say the British public are itching to get out and visit their favourite places, attractions and resorts and eat ice cream.  So how can you ensure that you will have the right amount of stock and be able to meet a potential sudden surge in demand? Ready in the bag gelato products

As an ice cream technician and advocate of artisan ice cream and gelato creation, I don’t generally spend much time talking about ‘ready in the bag’ or ‘simply add’ products.  However for times of high demand or hard to predict sales, a ready in the bag option can provide the perfect fix.  It is true that these products are more expensive but you can offset that cost against a) having an empty pan in your cabinet, b) your time taken to create an artisan gelato to fill that gap.  Sometimes a speedy solution is worth the extra cost. What is a ready in the bag product?

For those of you new to ice cream or gelato making or for those who have always made each pan from scratch here is a bit more of an insight into what a ready in the bag product is.

  • As the name suggests ready in the bag provides all you need to make a gelato or sorbet – all you have to do is add milk or water
  • They are a range of powders in bags already containing all the balancing ingredients and flavour

Benefits of a ready in the bag gelato product

  • Saves storage required for stock of multiple ingredients
  • Speedy solution when demand is high and/or time is short
  • A good back up for if you have technical problems with a pasteuriser
  • Use water to create a gelato if your milk delivery is delayed
  • Alternative if you run out of base mix

These are the standard benefits of the easy mix, simply add or ready to go ranges, but there are some of these products which you might want to consider making on a regular basis.

Technically challenging gelato but low demand

Many of the customers I speak to, even those who are known for their artisan gelato, still like to use particular ready in the bag products.  Some choose these for the reasons listed above but others select certain more technically difficult ready in the bag products to save time working out the balance on recipes which they may not make regularly.  An example of this is the special dietary in the bag lines.  Vegan ready in the bag lines make your life a lot easier and in all fairness it can be hard to replicate the quality that we are now tasting in these special dietary products.  I also have customers who love the chocolate ready in the bag options in particular as they can create sugar free or milk free chocolate options which leave consumers quite amazed once they have tasted it.

Disadvantages of ready in the bag gelato products

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t highlight the downside of these ranges.  I have already mentioned the cost – you would be looking at an extra 20-30% compared to your standard costs.  Of course if you have particular style of gelato making, then the ready in the bag products may not fit with your brand or positioning, but maybe you have to ask yourself is that better than an empty pan?

Are you gelato ready?

In recent months I have tried and tested a large number of ready in the bag products, which means I can say in good faith that the quality of these has improved considerably over the last few years.  My advice is to keep a few ready in the bag options in your cupboard or on your shelf. They might just save you a lot of stress and help you keep your cabinet full, maintaining your quality when time and space are restricted and meeting your customers’ expectations.

If you would like to discuss more about speedy solutions for keeping your cabinet content, as ever you know where to find me.  Good luck with your re-opening plans.

See you next time for the latest scoop.


Gelato Jonny

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