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Don’t panic I am not talking about the financial markets – I will leave that to the experts.  This month I thought it would be a good idea to look at what we can do with left over ice cream stock.  This time of year is historically a time for manufacturing which means some ingredients left over from last season may be reaching their use by dates.  A number of customers have approached me asking for suggestions of what to do with unused stock.  As you will have come to expect from me, I had a couple of questions to ask my customers too…

  • What products have you got left?
  • Why are they left over?

Pregabalin to buy uk What left over Ice Cream Stock do you have?

Ice Cream Stock Exchange: It would seem that the products left over vary according to the particular experience each customer has had during 2020 and their local demographic or customer market.  The reasons why you may have stock left over could also be one of many:

  • over ordering due to nervousness about supply availability because of Brexit and/or the pandemic
  • different buying patterns via online, click and collect etc means customers select from a printed/online list rather than seeing the gelato cabinet
  • gelato consumed at home instead of outside or at the parlour
  • reduction in popularity as the trends in flavours change

Kamalasai Is Your Cash Stuck in Ice Cream Stock?

The last thing we need in the current economic environment is to have cash tied up in ice cream stock on our shelves. However we also don’t want to be leaving this stock to go out of date and then have to throw it away, so what is the answer?  I had an interesting insight recently when I provided a variety of gelato options as a fundraising exercise for a local club.  One thing I noticed was that the flavours which were the most popular (all chosen from a printed list) were those with brand related names such as Ferrero, After Eight, Salted Caramel Twix etc, presumably because everyone can relate to what these flavours might be like based on their previous knowledge and experience of these brands.

Pregabalin online without prescription Take Stock 

My recommendation is to create some new flavours using your excess ingredients.  You could do this by dreaming up new flavours, not just based on brands, but using ideas from cakes, desserts and confectionary (maybe you could revisit my article from February last year for more details).  Here are a few examples to get you started, if your left over paste is:

  1. Nougat – think about the various chocolate bars containing nougat and create your own version of a Double Decker or Mars Bar etc maybe this will help sales
  2. Mint – try After Eight combing it with a dark chocolate ripple, or combine with black cookies for a minty Oreo or even a malt paste and chocolate for a Mint Malteaser gelato
  3. Fruits of the forest – consider creating an Eton Mess gelato with added meringue pieces
  4. Toffee – it could be combined with a biscuit base and milk chocolate ripple to create a Twix gelato

A Sorbet Tale

However you might feel that none of these suit your flavour range, so let me tell you about another experience I had with a customer last year.  It was a similar situation to that described above but the excess stock item was lemon powder for making lemon sorbet. This is a product that sells well when it is hot, but the weather had cooled and so had the demand for the sorbet.  All we did was rebalance the recipe and add raspberry paste, which we then renamed Raspberry Lemonade.  This easy alteration changed a low interest line into one of the top selling flavours. This relatively simple action saved the customer having stock tied up unused or even worse thrown away. Not only that, but it created an interesting flavour to add to the mix providing something new to keep their customers coming back.

One more solution to an excess stock of a particular paste or ingredient is to add it to a Sundae, waffle or crepe recipe.  These have become very popular takeaway options during lockdown.

If you need some pointers on what to do with your excess flavours or ingredients then as always you know where to find me.  Enjoy seeing what you can create with different flavour combinations – you never know you might hit on a new winner!

See you next time for the latest scoop.


Gelato Jonny

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