Master Class (invitation only – four day event)

Date: 9-12 November 2020

Four day event held annually in November, featuring guest chefs from around the world.

Our MasterClass sessions for the last three years have been a resounding success.  Our Masterclass courses provide an opportunity to look into the finer detail of gelato making at an advanced level and are aimed at those who are experienced in gelato and ice cream making. There may also be a focus given to some of the more significant trends in the industry.

“In regard to the Masterclass feedback, I thoroughly enjoyed the week and I felt like I learned something as I’ve never done anything like that before (just read recipe sheets).”  George, Derbyshire

“Just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone at Antonelli brothers, for a great week and for your warmth, generosity and genuine hospitality. It was good to meet other people in the trade and to learn new skills and techniques which I am eager to put into practise.” Tony, London

“It was great to meet you all. This training was great, full of valuable knowledge and good energy 🙂 I enjoyed it very much, everyone from Antonelli did a very good job.” Alex, Scotland

“Thanks again for a very informative, stimulating and really enjoyable week.”  Jon, Lancashire

“I’ve been on many, many courses over my pre-ice cream making professional working life (some hugely expensive, established and prestigious) and it is hard to comprehend that this is such a new thing for your company. You would imagine with the quality of planning, concept, organisation and execution that it has been running for years. Your course is one of the best I have ever been on.”  Angela, Gwynedd

You can also read more about our previous Masterclass courses on our blog page or see the links below.

Course Fee £175 + VAT

Ice Cream Training Class: “Absolutely Amazing!”

Ice Cream Training Masterclass a resounding success

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