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You are no doubt currently planning your next season’s flavours and looking for new twists on established recipes or alternative ways of displaying or decorating your gelato.  A particular favourite in the market in recent years has been to use well known confectionery, chocolate brands or coloured sweets to lure customers towards your gelato. Creating new ice cream confectionery menu options can be very effective when used with the right flavours and in an appropriate way.  The question is how do you replicate a branded chocolate in the form of a gelato?

Leoben Options for making ice cream confectionery flavours or confectionery based gelato

There are two main ways of creating a gelato or ice cream to emulate a chocolate brand.  You can either add the chopped up chocolate pieces of your favourite brand to your standard base, or you can start from scratch and build up the flavour by breaking down the component parts.  For example if you decided you wanted to make a Double Decker gelato mix you might consider using flavours and ingredients such as crispy cereal and nougat along with cocoa.  A popular one for the season start at Easter is the traditional Cadbury’s Cream Egg (as pictured) or you might prefer a new trend such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange Eggs.  What is your favoured ice cream confectionery? Pros and cons for each method

helpful site Option one – chopping up the branded chocolate and adding to your base.

The advantages of using this method are:
  • The branded chocolate is in the mix so you can call it by the brand name
  • This also means it will taste of that chocolate brand
  • It is more cost effective than starting from scratch
  • This is quick to make
On the down side:
  • The branded chocolate bar is designed to be consumed at room temperature or at coldest from the fridge so when you add it to ice cream or gelato and keep it in a freezer cabinet you can lose the expected taste and the chunks of chocolate can become very hard 
  • There is a risk that sugars from the bar could bleed into the ice cream and reduce the stability of the product which can potentially affect the freezing point and the shelf life. 
  • If your chosen chocolate confectionery contains a coloured sugar coating this will invariably  bleed into the mixture leaving colourless lumps, similarly biscuit products can go lumpy and mushy which will affect not only the taste but the texture of your gelato creation 
  • The final ‘con’ of using actual confectionery in our mix is that there is a possibility that not every serving will contain a piece of the bar, which means the experience is not consistent and those receiving a serving without the chocolate pieces will be somewhat underwhelmed by the flavour.

Option two – making from scratch

The advantages

The advantage of making your own gelato or ice cream using component flavours and ingredients to emulate your chosen chocolate bar or confectionery are:

  • You are showing off your ability to adapt and create in an artisan way. 
  • The products required may already be on your shelf although you might want to buy a bar/bag etc to use as a decoration but if it is your favourite you may already have one anyway
  • Obviously if you are making it from scratch then you are in better control of the stability, texture and balance of the recipe, which will fit with the expectations of your brand and cabinet quality
  • The flavour will be throughout the mix resulting in a consistent serving experience
  • Strength of the flavour is designed for use in ice cream so it will taste richer (depending on the quantities you add of course)
  • Any chocolate or nut inclusions with retain the structure and not bleed into colourless or mushy lumps as they are coated or created for this purpose
The disadvantages

However there are also some disadvantages to making your own confectionery gelato from scratch:

  • You can not call it ‘Terry’s’ Chocolate Orange or Cream Egg etc as there is none of this product in the mix, so you will have to employ the tactics of the tribute bands and go for ‘Jonny’s Chocolatey Orange’ or maybe ‘No it really isn’t Terry’s it’s mine!’ or ’Creamy Eggz’ etc, although this another chance to show off your creativity
  • There is a risk of getting the recipe wrong (unless you get some friendly advice – you know where to find me!)

Do I make ice cream confectionery flavours?

So in summary it really depends on the style of gelato or ice cream you are serving and who is buying your delicious frozen treats.  If you are struggling to decide which chocolate bar to choose, either select your own favourite or those of your staff or ask in your local newsagent or confectioners as to what is popular or new.

Just a note of caution, if you are keen to use products to create texture or crunch in your gelato such as honeycomb look for the fat coated options to avoid bleed or dissolving and to retain the texture you desire.  For additional questions or reassurance about how to create your ice cream confectionery flavours do get in touch

See you next time for the latest scoop.


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