Colour is king in ice cream

Colour is King

The trend in ice cream flavours this year has been predominantly focused on colour.  Maybe this was something to do with the emphasis on colour at the Sigep trade event held annually in Rimini each January, where the theme this year was ‘Building a Brighter World’.  As the Antonelli Business Relationship Managers and Technical Team travel the UK, we are seeing an increase in the use of blue, pink and purple colours and flavours in ice cream and gelato.

How do we make colourful ice cream?

To create an appealing range of colours in your ice cream there are of course traditional flavours.  These include ice cream flavours such as mint and strawberry and dare we add to this traditional list … bubblegum?  As ice cream manufacturers look to differentiate their products as competition increases, there is a growing number of alternative ways to create eye catching flavours.  The ‘Iris’ range of colours and flavours is a convenient way to add vibrant colour to ice cream with a simple concentrate compound and is particularly popular with industrial customers.  

How bright will you go with your ice cream?

A new range for Antonelli, the ‘Iris’ selection includes the traditional flavours as mentioned above but with some interesting additions.  These include Ironbrew, Parma Violet, Cinderella and many more.  Iris products are super high concentrates, some of which are used purely for their colour effect rather than providing any flavour.  This means you can create vibrant colours for a range of flavours, if you so desire.  Whether you decide to match the colour to the flavour or tease your market with unexpected tastes is ultimately your call!  It really depends on your target market as to the density of colour and the strength or subtlety of flavour.  The one thing to remember in current trading times is  that visual impact does create sales and anything that looks different will probably get air time on social media.  In particular Instagramers love to share an image of something bright and colourful or a bit different.  The power of ‘word of mouth’ or should we say ‘sight of picture’ has never been stronger or as far reaching! 

How to decide which ice cream flavour combinations work…

Are you looking for new ways to combine flavours or introduce different colours to your ice cream range?  Whether you are artisan or industrial ice cream manufacturers just ask our Technical Managers and they can advise you.  Our Antonelli Gelato Academy was set up specifically to provide equipment and facilities for demonstrations and training of ice cream manufacture.  Large or small scale our experts are on hand to advise, tweak and balance recipes so you maintain texture and smoothness whilst improving the flavour.  See our courses for specialist training or start ups for information.

To find out more about the Iris range or other flavours and colours available from Antonelli, email us or call us on 0161 789 4485.  You might also want to check out latest images on our social media –,,

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