What is ‘base jumping’ in the world of ice cream?

Base jumping may conjure all kinds of images in your mind, but what we are referring to at Antonelli is moving from one base system or recipe to another, which is something we offer help with in our ice cream training courses. This may mean changing from a basic base to a more complex base requiring greater technical expertise or even the reverse.  When we introduce new customers or those starting an ice cream business to making gelato on our ‘So You Want To Make Gelato’ ice cream training course, we usually start with a simple but reliable base.  A base which produces a consistently high quality gelato every time you make it, without any requirements for complicated calculations or diverse ingredients to balance the recipe.  The 50g base is less prone to mistakes being made for those just finding their feet in the world of ice cream or gelato making.

Why would we want to change our ice cream or gelato base if it works?

This is a good question which our technical managers are often asked – indeed why fix it if it isn’t broken?  There are, in fact, a number of reasons why you might want to consider changing from your current base to something different.  “How can we make more money out of our business now it is established?” is a question we are most frequently asked.  Or perhaps you are looking for a base with different characteristics such as more or less cream, or something sweeter.  As an established gelato maker you may also be considering  adding more bases to improve flavour release or even moving to a system where each flavour is separately balanced.  

Alternatively you may be looking at making more complex recipes, where more or innovative ingredients are to be used.  This might be considered to give variance to elements of the base that impact on the final flavour/texture and storage quality of your ice cream or gelato.  All these factors are covered in our specialist ice cream training course ‘Base Jumping’.

What are the risks of base jumping – should I change the base I have been using since I opened my gelateria/ice cream parlour?

Naturally there is an element of trepidation associated with changing something as elemental to a recipe as the base mix.  However there is no need to be worried as the team at Antonelli can help guide you.  In the Antonelli Gelato Academy we provide you with the opportunity and facilities to trial base jumping in low quantities.  This way you are not stuck with large quantities of something you don’t like or can’t use.  You can even bring some of your own ingredients, such as local milk etc. 

However it is not just about the physical making but also the commercial costing.  With our experience and expertise, we can also help you calculate costs, so you will be making changes with your eyes wide open and a complete understanding of the impact on your business.  There are a couple of ways you can start this process – either by joining us for one of our set ice cream training courses (as mentioned above) or talking to us about our ‘One 2 One’ sessions, which can be held at our Antonelli Gelato Academy or on your own premises.  For more information about our ice cream training options, you can contact us.

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